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Meet The Chef

A Life of Cooking

We at Soul Delight Catering, aim to provide our guests with unique, top-quality services and world-class dishes that will satisfy your desire for International Soul Fusion! We cook with only the freshest ingredients to ensure our guests’ continuous satisfaction.


Our mission is simply to transport our clients on an unforgettable culinary journey, that will forever be embedded into their taste buds! Our team of multicultural culinary professionals have a combined 20+ years of field experience and expertise, affording us the advantage to provide our guests with bold, international flavors that stem far beyond good tasting food. It also reflects food enthusiasts and experienced chefs whose passion resides in creating beautiful and delicious “art” that transports our guests on an international

voyage one palate at a time!


Our duties beyond the kitchen… As a proud business owner & native of Miami’s Liberty City, it is my goal to impart in others the opportunity in which I wasn’t afforded as a young scholar looking for something new. As the C.E.O. and Executive Chef of Soul Delight Catering, I am passionate about creating dishes that inspire others to live! One of Soul Delight’s main missions is to promote “clean” cooking habits throughout impoverished neighborhoods, affording individuals the chance to gain hands-on knowledge of how to eat healthier by cooking healthier! During our quest to promote “clean” eating habits, we spread awareness of the relationships between unhealthy eating habits and obesity, as well as improper food consumption and malnutrition. It is imperative that we share with our community the dangers of “dirty” eating habits and the negative affect it has on our health in the long run. We not only offer nutritional information by lecture, but we have taken it a step further by providing healthy and fun gourmet cooking demonstrations at community parks and centers throughout the tri-county areas. We initially began by gearing these free instructional classes toward children at summer camps in underserved areas, but we have since then extended it to parents and families alike, standing on a strong concept that if healthier cooking becomes a daily family activity now, it will surely build healthier family values in the future!


Our instructional courses feature a different theme each month, focusing on seasonal and cultural dishes. Our team consists of certified nutritionists and dietitians who assist us in building delicious recipes for those who have

been afflicted with ailments such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.


We at Soul Delight believe that individuals on strict diets are more likely to follow the set dietary guidelines if they are taught HOW to cook flavorful, healthy dishes that interests them! To encourage and promote their new “clean” eating lifestyle, our team of culinary professionals have created the motivating Camp C.O.O.K. (Cooking to Overcome Obesity through

Knowledge), which serves as a “boot camp” providing interactive food demos, lectures, and support groups.


We have several programs to benefit everyone, from children to the elderly. Our latest project “Our Kids Can Cook” is a traveling instructional program which offers healthy cooking demonstrations to grade school children, ranging from elementary to high school as well as juvenile detention centers and camps.

Soul Delight has served thousands who aren’t just in need of food, but in need of someone who genuinely cares beyond a public recognition. We offer our hearts through our dishes!


For the past 9 years, we have sponsored Nana’s Winter Wonderland in Overtown, Nana’s Thanksgiving Community Feast and MANY other local community events. At the start of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic, we were contracted by a local agency to provide hot meals to 1300 well-deserving residents throughout Liberty City daily over an 8-week span. Our catering extends to childcare centers, addiction treatment centers, rehabilitation centers and local agencies throughout Miami-Dade & Broward Counties. Even our pricing has been generated to give members of our community an opportunity to enjoy world- class dishes at an affordable rate. We are striving to enhance the eating habits and hearts of those around us one community at a time!

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